Babi Lemos | Project Manager

Babi Lemos

Babi has recently joined CoPeace as a project manager, bringing some fresh ideas from a broad intercultural background. Babi's energy and enthusiasm have been welcomed by our team members and clients as she becomes a more integral part of our team.

As a part of CoPeace's ecosystem, Babi's language skills and interdisciplinary background will be used to support our growing community of investors, clients, team members, and collaborators.

What’s your ikigai?


"The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing. - Socrates"

Originally from Brazil, Babi has begun her professional life as early as 10-years-old in the world of performance arts where she was introduced to her biggest passion and drive: cultural expressions and intercultural fusion. With a natural liberal arts spirit, Babi has academically and professionally pursued her interests in a diverse portfolio of fields and industries from Informational Technology in the United States, to Indigenous empowerment in Latin America and Oceania, Biomass-fuel production in Ethiopia, amongst other meaningful experiences. Babi is a Carleton College alumna in Political Science and International Relations with a double minor in Environmental Studies and Cross-Cultural studies, and is currently pursuing her MBA on Sustainability and Environmental Compliance.

On Sunday mornings you can find me …


"Fostering new pets, finding new brunch spots, watching horror movies, and biking to a beach (if I am back in Brasil)."

Dan Hattori | Strategic Financial Advisor

Dan Hattori

Dan Hattori serves as a strategic and financial advisor to CoPeace, its subsidiaries and its clients. His work for CoPeace focuses on supporting the finance team in their investment decisions as well as working with CoPeace clients to help implement their business, financial and growth objectives.
Dan is a senior executive with more than 30 years of strategic consulting, financial services and entrepreneurial experience. Early in his career as consultant for McKinsey and Company, Dan learned the value of strategic thinking and recognized his passion for helping to grow companies.
As one of the founding members of Deerfield Capital Management’s (“DCM”) bank loan team, Dan helped grow assets under management from $0 to over $9 billion. He led the expansion of DCM into Europe as President and CEO of DCM-Europe. He was then promoted to Chief Operating Officer of the parent company, where he led the growth of DCM by merging it with two other bank loan companies.
In addition to his extensive financial management experience, Dan combined his passion for food with his entrepreneurial spirit by creating one of the most critically acclaimed food trucks in Chicago - PIKO Street Kitchen. He was hands-on in all aspects of the business from menu creation to truck design to business operations. As an owner of a startup, Dan understands the challenges small businesses face and has first-hand experience in how to address them.

Lindsay Hope | Digital Communications Advisor

Lindsay Hope

Lindsay Hope is a freelance copywriter and digital marketing strategist. She’s a lover of purpose-based business, and an avid B Corp supporter who resides in Colorado. Lindsay is passionate about helping companies magnify their message and share their stories.


Since joining the CoPeace team in January 2020, Lindsay has helped strategize and create various marketing materials. Her copywriting touch can be found in CoPeace emails, on the company website, in blog posts, and in crowdfunding campaign materials.


What’s your ikigai?


“Building relationships and connections and helping businesses grow their revenue via email. What really lights me up is using research, data, and personality-driven copy to create email campaigns that customers (and business bank accounts!) love."

Before she started her copywriting business, Lindsay honed her storytelling, marketing, and copywriting skills (and love of craft beer, of course) during her tenure working for New Belgium Brewing.


Lindsay holds an M.A. in Sociology from DePaul University. You can find her at

On Sunday mornings you can find me …


"curled up on my couch with my husband and dog, drinking a few cups of coffee, listening to Madeleine Peyroux, and reading a book."

Ken Reed | Senior Communications Advisor

Ken Reed, Ed.D.

Ken Reed serves as a senior strategic communications advisor for CoPeace. With extensive experience in communications, marketing, public policy, strategic planning, and education, he provides communications strategy, research, analysis and writing assistance to CoPeace.


Ken has been instrumental in developing key educational materials for CoPeace, including an informational backgrounder on impact investing and an investor e-booklet. He has produced numerous op-eds, blogs, press releases, along with copy for various communications purposes.

What’s your ikigai?


"To positively impact the lives of people by contributing to the marketplace of ideas on ways to make the world safer, healthier and more just."

For over three decades, Ken has provided communications services to companies and nonprofits in a variety of fields, including energy, education, sports and financial services. He is also a long-time freelance writer, columnist and author. For a good part of his career, Ken has also served as an adjunct professor at several universities, teaching a variety of marketing, communications, management and sports studies courses.


Ken completed his doctorate degree in education/sport administration at the University of Northern Colorado. He also holds a master’s degree in management from Colorado State University. As an undergraduate student at the University of Denver, Ken lettered in baseball and basketball while completing studies in marketing and finance. He resides with his wife, Sandy, in Denver, Colo.

What are you happiest doing when not working?


"Playing sports (often with family members or friends), watching sports, reading about sports, and writing about sports. (Could be a common theme here.)"

Jacob Miller | Senior VP of Finance

Jacob Miller

Jacob provides an eclectic skill set and a diverse array of finance, economics, leadership, research, and service experience to CoPeace. He has used data and modeling techniques to drive strategic planning insights, and build, revise, and optimize CoPeace’s systems. Jacob played a key role in the development of CoPeace’s . VIBE™ (Valuation of Impact Brand Equity) model, a proprietary tool designed to place a relative-value score on an athlete’s positive impact on society.

What’s your ikigai?


“To help create sustainable financial systems that emphasize people and planet on the same level as profit."

Jacob had four articles published in peer-reviewed research journals while at Colorado College. His research interests are economics, data science and public health. He served as a research and learning assistant for Colorado College’s Economics and Business Department.


Jacob graduated from Colorado College, where he completed a bachelor’s degree in mathematical economics. While at Colorado College, Jacob served as president of the Colorado College Student Alumni Association. He also dedicated time to community service, working as a peer tutor and volunteering with the Disabilities Awareness Group. As a member of the men’s basketball team, he served as chair of the community outreach committee on the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee. He also represented the greater student body on the college’s President’s Council.


When he’s not crunching numbers, Jacob can likely be found debating Lord of the Rings, playing Rocket League, or baking bread and pastries.

What is your personal motto?


“Can’t never done nothing.” (Gifted to me from my assistant high school basketball coach)

Hanan Levin

Hanan Levin | Senior Investment Advisor

Hanan Levin

Hanan Levin

Hanan Levin is an experienced finance professional, equipped with in‐depth knowledge of global capital markets. He has brought an innovative and proactive mindset to CoPeace. Hanan consistently delivers strategic insights, which have enhanced CoPeace finance and investment projects.


While at CoPeace, Hanan has created a flexible investment strategy which tackles real world issues in a sustainable way. He constantly promotes a “get the job done” mentality.

What’s your ikigai?


“Sharing the message that you don’t have to sacrifice return to make a positive impact on society."

Hanan has served as a director of capital markets at Bank of the West, overseeing and managing the business development of capital markets and fixed income investment throughout the Rocky Mountain and Midwest regions. Earlier in his career, he provided investment advice to institutional clients, municipalities, and corporations utilizing his extensive fixed income market knowledge and experience.


Hanan received his master’s degree from the University of North Carolina’s Kenan-Flagler Business School. He earned an undergraduate degree in economics from Yale University. An avid swimmer, Hanan competed on the Yale swim team and also competed internationally for the Israeli National Swimming Team. He resides with his family in Denver, Colo.

What is your personal motto?


Ask for money and get advice. Ask for advice, get money twice.” (Mr. Worldwide, Pitbull)

Craig Jonas, Ph.D. | Founder & CEO

Craig Jonas, Ph.D.

Craig is a lifelong entrepreneur with a history of success across the fields of business, academics, and athletics. He has over 30 years of experience in management with a passion for team-building and drawing individuals with big ideas together.


Craig founded CoPeace in 2018, put together a highly-talented team and board, and quickly helped CoPeace achieve Certified B Corp. and Public Benefit Corporation (PBC) status. He launched CoPeace’s holding company with strong initial investments in sustainable infrastructure and impact-related services. In order to democratize access to the equity game, Craig spurred the creation of a successful crowdfunding investment vehicle. He has been featured in Forbes, Worth, Triple Pundit and numerous other publications and outlets and is a frequent guest on investing-related podcasts.

What’s your ikigai?


"To focus on the long-term future of the world and how I can actively be part of solutions to make it a better place for all inhabitants."

Prior to CoPeace, Craig served as COO of Basketball Travelers and BTI Events, an elite sports event management and media conglomerate. In this role, he supervised international sporting events and tours worldwide. He served as the head or deputy head of the American delegation for the Summer and Winter World University Games from 2007-17.


Previously, Craig served as vice president for business development for the broadcast media technology firm, Sportvision, best known for bringing revolutionary visual enhancements to live sports broadcasts, including American football’s yellow first-down line and baseball’s strike zone. Prior to Sportvision, Craig served as the executive vice president of Coach’s Edge and helped initiate its $100-million merger with Sportvision.


Craig earned his doctorate in conflict management from the University of Kansas, where he also taught leadership, marketing, and management courses. Craig earned a bachelor’s degree from Carleton College in Minnesota, and completed a masters degree at Colorado State University. He is the father of two sons and lives with his wife, Seanna, and dog, Fergus, in Colorado.

What do you want to do before you die?


"I’m doing it! It took me until I was in my 50’s to figure out what I wanted to do when I grew up."