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Why Impacting Investing? What is it?

Impact investments are made with the intention to generate positive, measurable social and environmental impact alongside a strong financial return. The data shows it is a good business decision to care about our future.

How We Work with Sport Stakeholders

Impact investments democratize access to the investment game, granting accredited and non-accredited investors the ability to invest in the same opportunities and enjoy the associated returns, regardless of investment size. We know that the sports world depends on the power of business and that sport brands are on display with the decisions they make. Positive business decisions by sport stakeholders support values and the power to change the world. For individuals early in their investment education, we bring hands-on financial literacy training. Our team has a background in athlete financial literacy and professional development training, and brings an understanding of the unique earning lifespan of the professional athlete at all income levels and works with the needs of the investor to maximize the potential of their money. We vet opportunities across sports, energy, social impact, technology, healthcare, and the entire business industry, using our Head + Heart) X Math equation to find investments that meet positive impact and potential for returns. We also work with our investors to understand their interests and ensure that their money goes towards industries and opportunities that support their brand. We are prepared and experienced at working with your PR team to bring appropriate storytelling to your investment.

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Our Team

CoPeace Sport offers a dedicated team with decades of experience across various sport, media, marketing and finance industries.

Our team will align your personal values with true positive impact!