Jacob Miller

Jacob provides an eclectic skill set and a diverse array of finance, economics, leadership, research, and service experience to CoPeace. He has used data and modeling techniques to drive strategic planning insights, and build, revise, and optimize CoPeace’s systems. Jacob played a key role in the development of CoPeace’s . VIBE™ (Valuation of Impact Brand Equity) model, a proprietary tool designed to place a relative-value score on an athlete’s positive impact on society.

What’s your ikigai?  “To help create sustainable financial systems that emphasize people and planet on the same level as profit."

Jacob had four articles published in peer-reviewed research journals while at Colorado College. His research interests are economics, data science and public health. He served as a research and learning assistant for Colorado College’s Economics and Business Department. Jacob graduated from Colorado College, where he completed a bachelor’s degree in mathematical economics. While at Colorado College, Jacob served as president of the Colorado College Student Alumni Association. He also dedicated time to community service, working as a peer tutor and volunteering with the Disabilities Awareness Group. As a member of the men’s basketball team, he served as chair of the community outreach committee on the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee. He also represented the greater student body on the college’s President’s Council. When he’s not crunching numbers, Jacob can likely be found debating Lord of the Rings, playing Rocket League, or baking bread and pastries.

What is your personal motto?  “Can’t never done nothing.” (Gifted to me from my assistant high school basketball coach)