Andy Eckert

Andy first began working with the CoPeace team in an advisory role in 2022 and has provided leadership support as fractional COO since October, 2023. He brings a wide range of leadership skills to the team, having served most recently as Partner in ARC Angle, an advisory firm to small-to-mid-market manufacturing companies. Before ARC Angle, Andy was a seed investor in five startup companies from 2018-2020 including Modist Brewery in Minneapolis, MN. He is also the former President and CEO of Imperial Plastics – a leading engineered plastic component supplier to numerous Fortune 500 companies – which he led for three years from 2015-2018. Prior to Imperial, he joined Tennant Company in December 2002 and assumed several executive roles including Vice President, Americas in 2009 and Senior Vice President, Americas in 2013. Before joining Tennant in 2002, Mr. Eckert was with Storecast Merchandising Corporation as Senior Vice President of Performance and he earned his start with General Mills, Inc. in a number of sales and marketing leadership positions spanning 15 years.

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