CoPeace Sport PB LLC bridges the world of positive social and environmental impact with the sports world and the spaces for athletes, teams, and leagues to be involved in sport and non-sport investment opportunities to grow their money for good.

"Sports have the power to change the world. It has the power to inspire, the power to unite people in a way that little else does."

- Nelson Mandela

Advantages of CoSpo

Diverse team experience beyond our decades in the sport media, marketing, and operations industries, maximizing the connection between our sport expertise and our other CoPeace Services (Marketing, Finance, and Tech).

Proprietary tools to measure and improve an individual or sport organization’s positive impact on the environment and society.

Guide sport stakeholders from executive leadership and administration to coaches and athletes to source and develop investment and business opportunities in social justice and environmental impact, delivering measurable, positive impact and investment aligned with client values.

Impact-focused brand and investment strategy support from working with our mission-aligned, financially-driven services and impact investment in sports.

Our Capabilities

Our diverse CoPeace Sport team offers capabilities in every sports vertical with extensive expertise in operations, media, marketing, finance, and impact. With the ability to understand the sports industry from the inside and scale the scope of any project to fit client needs, our team understands the unique opportunity a services and investment company has in the future of impact in sport. We work with members of the sports industry to grow your money for good, both supporting the unique earning and brand needs of our investors [link to investment page] and and propriety tools to measure impact and brand potential, CoPeace Sport is poised to make today’s sport leaders, tomorrow’s impact leaders.

"I have known Craig and several members of the CoPeace team for more than 20 years and trust them to grow them to grow my money in a way that also helps our world. I believe their ideas to harness the power of sport and business might be interesting to you as well."

- Dr. Gary Cunningham, former UCLA men's basketball coach and national athletic director of the year.

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Our Team

The team at CoPeace Sport brings decades of experience across various sport, media, marketing, and finance industries. The greater CoPeace team brings further support to select the most impactful and financially promising investments and grow the impact of your brand through our Services subsidiaries.

Our team will align your personal values with true positive impact!