CoPeace Finance PBLLC levels the playing field by bringing sophisticated financial and operational consulting services to purpose-driven, resource-constrained companies. We empower post-raise and revenue-positive, early to mid-stage businesses that demonstrate social and environmental impact. By dedicating our skills to overlooked yet responsible businesses, we help catalyze their next stage of strategic growth and large-scale impact. Our high-caliber offerings close the gap so conscientious brands can maximize their influence.

Advantages of CoPeace Finance

Empower clients through an array of financial services through a unique impact lens

Strengthens financial planning and marketing content, providing stakeholders with greater transparency, accountability, and confidence

Team approach provides burstable bandwidth and maximizes return

Work with a mission-aligned company

Services Offered

CoPeace Finance offers a wide range of services that can be combined to meet any organization’s needs. We can provide the necessary tools and expertise to meet your team’s goals.

Financial Planning & Analysis

Operational Systems Implementation, Management, & Optimization

Comprehensive Business Review & Evaluation


"CoPeace and CoFi have helped us model and demonstrate and an incredible opportunity to tackle uncharted niches in the waste management industry” - Dan Levin, CEO, Advanced Sustainable Technologies

“The CoFi team condensed years of historical data into comprehensible financial models that our team can easily alter to more accurately forecast our profitability” - Brian Ratzliff, Basketball Travelers, INC

“The CoPeace team members have provided guidance that has been invaluable to our growth” - Jessica. O. Matthews, CEO, Uncharted

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Competitive rates available for customized solutions on a project, retainer, or hourly basis.

Our Team

CoPeace Finance offers a dedicated team with over 50 years of combined experience in a variety of finance and investment sectors, with unique knowledge across dozens of industries.