Never Thought You Could Afford To Invest? Read This.

If ringing bells, people running around in suits, and flashing neon signs — the mayhem of the giant electronic marketplace of Wall Street and the New York Stock Exchange — are the first things that come to mind when you think of investing, you’re not alone. The stock market represents the most-well known portrayal of buying and selling of shares of stock and ownership interest in companies throughout the world. However, the thought of that can be quite intimidating.

When you picture Wall Street — investing feels pretty out-of-reach for most ordinary people. And that’s not okay. Everyone should have the opportunity to support the causes they care about and earn competitive financial returns.

A Different Perspective: Impact Investing

Impact investing started in the mid-2000s but has become increasingly popular in recent years due to the heightened awareness of people who want to make a positive impact on the world (and earn money, too). At CoPeace, we’re committed to this concept and to disprove the idea that building wealth and planning for retirement is only available to the wealthy. Why? Because we know that by widening the gap between the “rich” and the “not rich” is the last thing we need to further divide the people in our country.

We believe everyone should have the opportunity to build wealth.

That’s why we’ve decided to democratize investing. No matter what income bracket you fall into, or your race, gender, or socioeconomic background, we want to help you grow your money for good. And the time to start — is now.

Get in on the Action & Invest in CoPeace

Last weekend, we launched our crowdfunding campaign. It’s the first opportunity for people (just like you!) to buy shares, earn dividends, and join our community of passionate investors that care about making a positive social and environmental impact on the world. Our goal is to raise $1M in this campaign — we’ll use the money to help growing companies make a positive, measurable impact. Every dollar counts, and we’d like to invite you to join us by purchasing company shares and earning voting rights and the potential for annual dividends.

Options for Everyone 

You can buy as many shares & make as big an impact as you’d like — however, please note that the minimum investment option is to buy 3 shares for $360.

We’re using the WeFunder platform to connect with new investors and track our progress toward our goal. It’s easy to use and understand, and if you have any questions about this opportunity, know that we’ve tried to answer any that you may have on our site. Read more about how you can channel your funds where our future is, and how your money can make a positive impact on companies doing great work here:

Are you ready to join us? Click this link to invest now:

Lindsay Hope is a copywriter and marketing strategist with CoPeace. As a forward-thinking holding company, CoPeace is building a portfolio of carefully selected for-profit companies with measurable social and environmental impact. To learn more about impact investing, check out CoPeace’s Intro to Impact Investing.