A Commitment to the Oneness

I’ve been blessed with many great sports experiences in my life. Since I was seven years old, I’ve loved playing and watching sports.

I enjoy many aspects of sports, but what I love the most is the camaraderie. More specifically, it’s the sense of fulfillment that comes from being part of something bigger than myself and sharing the ups and downs with people I like and respect.

To me, there are very few things in the world that can match the experience of being part of a team that’s working toward a common goal. As part of a team, you need to sacrifice a little of your individual desires and wishes for the good of the group. The “Common Good” must take precedence over self-interest.

I once saw this described as “A Commitment to the Oneness.” I like that. A lot.

Anyone who’s been involved with sports in any role, including as a fan, understands how critically important teamwork is to success.

Michael Jordan, the primary subject of the recent ESPN 10-part documentary about the Chicago Bulls, is generally believed to be the greatest basketball player ever. Yet, even he couldn’t win six NBA championships on his own. He had a terrific coach in Phil Jackson and a perennial all-star in Scottie Pippin, who played Robin to Jordan’s Batman. He also had less-talented teammates who came up big in big moments, like John Paxson and Steve Kerr, who each hit game-winning and championship-winning shots during the Bulls’ dynasty.

The COVID-19 pandemic has shown us how connected and interdependent we truly are as a global community. People on every continent are worried about how the virus might impact them, their loved ones, and their way of life.

We are all bound together on this big blue ball we call Earth. In effect, whether or not we always realize it, we’re teammates in the game of life. Our challenge is to make the world we share as healthy, just, sustainable and prosperous as we can.

I am blessed to be part of a new team – one called CoPeace. CoPeace is an innovative impact investing company. Our mission is to make the world a better place by investing in companies that are working to make the planet a more equitable, safer, and healthier place to live.

Impact investing offers a different option from the traditional profit-at-all-costs investment model. The impact investing model is one in which the environment and society are on equal footing with profits.

At CoPeace, we have taken Warren Buffet’s Berkshire-Hathaway holding company model and modified it so that the only companies that become part of CoPeace are impact companies that have been thoroughly screened in order to meet very high standards in the areas of social, environmental, and yes, financial impact.

Investing to us is about more than making a profit. It’s about changing the world. Make no mistake, we are striving hard to make profits, just not at all costs. We value people, the planet, and profit equally.

CoPeace is built on a foundation of the common good and fueled by the human spirit.

One of our goals is to democratize the investing process so people from all walks of life, not just wealthy investors, can invest in making the world a better place.

Stay tuned. If you believe in what we’re doing, we will soon have an innovative investment option for you to consider. Check our website on a regular basis, or sign up for our newsletter to get the latest updates.

We’re proud of what we’re doing and would love for you to join us and become a member of Team CoPeace.

In doing so, you too will be making “A Commitment to the Oneness.”

Ken Reed is a Senior Communications Advisor at CoPeace. As a forward-thinking holding company, CoPeace is building a portfolio of carefully selected for-profit companies with measurable social and environmental impact. To learn more about impact investing, check out CoPeace’s Intro to Impact Investing.