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Colorado Delivers in 2021 MLB All-Star Game Change-Up

July 15, 2021

The week-long event spotlighted the state’s social equality and community engagements

DENVER – The 2021 Major League Baseball All-Star Week concluded Tuesday in Denver, Colo. Vlad Guerrero Jr. trotted the bases of Coors Field, as a sold-out crowd, celebrated his solo homerun, en route to being named the youngest All-Star Game MVP in league history.

Outside the walls of Coors Field, dozens of organizations shared information about voting rights laws and social equality around the country. The topic became the focus of attention in the months leading up to the 2021 MLB All-Star Game. The game, and its surrounding week-long celebration, were pulled from host-city Atlanta in early April as protest against Georgia’s new law that limits voting access in the state.

CoPeace is proudly located in Colorado and part of the Good Business Colorado organization, dedicated to building a prosperous economy, equitable communities, and a sustainable environment for all Colorado residents. With some of the most progressive mail-in and voter ID regulation in the country, Colorado and its constituents continue to improve access to civic engagement.

CoPeace Sport, or CoSpo, similarly harnesses the power of sport for good, through partnerships and projects designed to achieve lasting positive impact on the community. One of CoSpo’s proprietary tools is Valuation of Impact Brand Equity, or VIBE™. VIBE is designed to place a relative-value score on an athlete’s positive impact on society.

An athlete’s VIBE™ score is only one aspect of their overall brand, but it can significantly impact an athlete’s overall brand equity. VIBE™ scores are based on publicly available information regarding an athlete’s socio-cultural and environmental impact on society — for example, impact activities on global/societal issues, philanthropic work, endorsements, athlete-produced content via traditional and social media, etc.

Throughout the All-Star event, CoSpo highlighted several athletes that are also having an impact off the field. Guerrero Jr., the game MVP, earned a VIBE score of 59.7. Pete Alonso, winner of the Home Run Derby, scored 55.2 on the VIBE scale. For more information about VIBE and CoPeace visit



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