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CoPeace Selects Equa to Provide Investors an Innovative Equity Management Platform

April 20, 2021

Equa Will Deliver CoPeace’s Founders and Investors Secure, Intuitive Client Support Tools and Services

DENVER – CoPeace, a diversified holding company that invests in growing companies demonstrating positive measurable impact and strong fiscal health, announced today an agreement with Equa LLC to provide a user-friendly equity management and transfer agent platform for the company and its investors.

Equa, the leading immutable governance platform that scales from organizational formation to day-to-day investment management, is a U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) registered transfer agent that allows company founders and investors alike to manage ownership rights throughout a company’s lifecycle.

The company leverages blockchain technology to track and secure agreements and their digital signatures, while also reducing the friction associated with onboarding investors and transferring ownership.  Moreover, Equa utilizes a sleek and intuitive UI/UX that eases the process of drafting, issuing, and transferring convertible instruments, option grants, preferred stock and common stock.

“Equa’s equity management platform and transfer agent services are thoughtfully-designed, well-executed, and effectively-aligned with our requirements,” said CoPeace COO & CFO Ed Tepper.  “The intuitive user experience, outstanding client support, and security features afforded by the use of blockchain technology make Equa a solid choice to support our growth plans.”

As a holding company, CoPeace utilizes investor capital to purchase controlling interest in complementary, purpose-driven subsidiaries with innovative, marketable concepts and a strong leadership team.  CoPeace subsidiaries have measurable impact in combating world problems and are projected to have positive growth and potential target returns.

“Equa is thrilled to be working alongside CoPeace as it strives to help democratize the investment process into companies that look to improve the human condition,” said Equa Vice President of Business Development, Sten Wie, Ph.D.  “The goals of Equa are very much aligned with CoPeace as we look to implement technology to bake in transparency and consent into the world of cooperation and ownership.”



About CoPeace

CoPeace is a forward-thinking holding company, building a portfolio of carefully selected for-profit companies with measurable social and environmental impact. CoPeace is democratizing the investment world by allowing everyone, not just wealthy investors, to invest in private impact companies via its holding company structure.

As a designated Certified B Corp and a public-benefit corporation (PBC), CoPeace is committed to acting morally, ethically and responsibly in regard to society, the environment, the natural world and the world at large

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About Equa

Equa is the leading immutable governance platform that scales with your organization from formation to day-to-day governance, facilitating dynamic document and cap table management, easy equity distribution, investment, issuance, and more. Designed for founders, executives, and shareholders at high growth startup and blockchain companies regardless of corporate structure or legal status, Equa integrates across solutions and digital equities or currencies for seamless management across organizational transactions and agreements. Unlike traditional point-solutions for formation management and administration, Equa’s comprehensive governance solutions are designed for tomorrow’s executives and owners who demand transactional speed and ease-of-access without sacrificing document and agreement security and integrity.

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