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CoPeace Launches Regulation CF Equity Crowdfunding Offering to Fund Impact Investing Initiatives

July 8, 2020

Following a successful private fund raise, impact holding company seeks conscious investors of all backgrounds interested in growing their money through investments in positive-impact companies

DENVER (GLOBE NEWSWIRE)CoPeace, a diversified holding company which invests in growing companies demonstrating positive measurable impact and strong fiscal health, today announced it has launched a Regulation CF equity crowdfunding offering following the validation of its Form C by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. The purpose of this offering is to allow both accredited and non-accredited potential investors the opportunity to invest in a holding company that directly invests in for-profit companies seeking solutions to societal and environmental problems, while striving for a competitive financial return.

CoPeace’s Regulation CF equity crowdfunding offering allows the company to sell up to $1,069,920 worth of shares to the public. Shares are priced at $120.00 USD each with a minimum investment of $360 (three shares). The offering will be conducted on a best efforts basis through the Wefunder Portal,

CoPeace fills a massive gap that currently exists in the competitive landscape of impact investing – one that provides access to the investing process, while prioritizing true impact and emphasizing the potential returns. Currently no services exist for everyday consumers to invest in the impact space without a strong understanding of the industry, financial literacy, and personal wealth. There is tremendous opportunity for CoPeace’s investing model with more than 8-in-10 U.S. investors interested in sustainable investing and the impact investing market seeing explosive growth this year, climbing to $715B as of April 2020.

“Today is an exciting day for CoPeace, as we launch our Regulation CF equity crowdfunding offering to enable investment in not only our company, but ultimately in companies that are actually combating world problems with measurable impact,” said CoPeace CEO Craig Jonas. “There is a common misconception that profits and positive impact are mutually exclusive. The current global capitalism structure prioritizes profits over people and planet. CoPeace is offering a different option, one in which the environment and society are on equal footing with profits. As such, we believe we can help change capitalism and the world for the better.”

CoPeace recently secured $1.6M in a private funding round to facilitate investments in socially impactful organizations and acquire meaningful subsidiaries, as well as contribute to general operating costs. Capital raised through Regulation CF equity crowdfunding offering will support CoPeace’s current portfolio of three companies centered on climate crisis solutions, cleantech innovation, and economic equality opportunities, while helping expand their holdings to include themes of public health, education, and financial accessibility.


Investment in the company is speculative and involves a high degree of risk, including the possible loss of the entire investment. This release contains forward looking statements and such forward looking statements are within the meaning of that term in Section 27a of the Securities Act and may include projections of revenues, income or loss, capital expenditures, business relationships, financings, proposed financings or investments by third parties, plans for future operations, as well as assumptions relating to the foregoing. Such statements are based upon management’s current expectations, beliefs, and assumptions about future events and involve a number of risks and uncertainties.