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CoPeace Introduces CoMa, Marketing Subsidiary to Serve Growing Impact Space

July 22, 2020

CoPeace Marketing is the second wholly-owned subsidiary in the CoPeace portfolio, offering marketing services to positive-impact companies

DENVER CoPeace, a diversified holding company which invests in growing companies demonstrating positive measurable impact and strong fiscal health, today announced its newest portfolio addition with the introduction of wholly-owned subsidiary, CoPeace Marketing, or CoMa. The marketing consulting and services company is the fourth addition to the CoPeace holding company portfolio, joining Advanced Sustainable Technologies, CoPeace Finance, and Uncharted Power.

CoMa becomes the second wholly-owned company of the CoPeace portfolio, and is legally-designated as a public benefit corporation. CoMa provides marketing services to for-profit companies demonstrating positive social or environmental impact.

“We have been growing our CoPeace marketing team for several years and are excited about offering our team’s expertise to the sustainable investing community,” said CoPeace CEO Craig Jonas. “We have a deep team of marketers with experience across a range of skills and industries. We’re looking forward to providing a flexible, competitive option to meet any organization’s needs, and provide long-term positive impact.”

CoPeace previously introduced its first wholly-owned subsidiary, CoFi, in August 2019. The financial services company operates in a similar manner to CoMa, providing relevant expertise and consulting to positive impact companies, looking to grow their organizations.

About CoPeace

CoPeace is a first-of-its-kind holding company, building a portfolio of carefully selected for-profit companies having measurable social and environmental impact while aspiring to provide competitive financial returns. CoPeace is democratizing the investment world by allowing everyone, not just wealthy investors, to invest in private impact companies via its holding company structure.

As a designated Certified B Corp and a public-benefit corporation (PBC), CoPeace is committed to acting morally, ethically and responsibly in regard to society, the environment, the natural world and the world at large. CoPeace joins an exclusive community of just 2,500 B Corps and is one of approximately 400 B Corps also registered as a public-benefit corporation.

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