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CoPeace and TBD Foods / Sullivan Scrap Kitchen Announce Comprehensive Partnership Agreement

August 30, 2023

TBD Foods/Sullivan Scrap Kitchen Becomes the “Official CoPeace Sustainable Food and Restaurant Partner”

DENVER (August 30, 2023) – CoPeace, a public benefit corporation and impact investment company that supports companies through both investment and support services, and TBD FoodsSullivan Scrap Kitchen, operators of a family-owned farm to table catering company and sustainable family restaurant, announced a comprehensive partnership today.

CoPeace Finance and CoPeace Marketing, both wholly-owned subsidiaries of CoPeace, will be working with TBD/SSK on several projects. CoPeace Finance and CoPeace Marketing were created to be of service to companies that care about our world by helping to fill organizational gaps as these impact organizations grow.

“We are thrilled about this partnership with TBD Foods/Sullivan Scrap Kitchen,” said CoPeace Founder and CEO Craig Jonas. “We have been extremely impressed withTBD Foods/Sullivan Scrap Kitchen’s commitment to authentic sustainability. It’s a perfect match with our values. We’re confident this will be a win-win working arrangement, on multiple levels. We are looking forward to helping them advance their mission to change the world through their socially-and-environmentally-responsible business for good.”

TBD Foods is a Certified Green Denver Business that provides a variety of personal chef and catering services. Sullivan Scrap Kitchen is a small family-owned restaurant with a focus on creating a unique and delicious dining experience, while reducing food waste. It is also a Certified Green Denver Business.

“With being a value focused business of sustainability and reducing food waste, we want to ensure all our partners are also value driven,” said Terence Rogers, owner and chef of TBD Foods and Sullivan Scrap Kitchen. “We are lucky to have met the CoPeace team and are excited with our partnership together to continue to promote and grow value based businesses that create a more sustainable business environment.”

Per the partnership agreement, TBD/SSK will have access to CoPeace’s deep team of operations, finance, marketing and business development experts to help the company reach its economic and sustainability goals. CoPeace will utilize TBD Foods catering services and the Sullivan Scrap Kitchen for a wide variety of company events and meetings.

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About CoPeace 

CoPeace helps impactful companies grow. As an impact-driven holding company, CoPeace is building a portfolio of carefully selected businesses with measurable social and environmental impact. Additionally, CoPeace provides a variety of consulting services to organizations demonstrating positive social or environmental impact.

As a fully certified B Corp and public-benefit corporation (PBC), CoPeace is committed to acting morally, ethically and responsibly in regard to society and the environment. Equity, inclusion and justice are not just valued at CoPeace – they are pillars supporting our mission. CoPeace was recently selected as an Emerging Impact Manager (EIM) for the ImpactAssets 50™ 2023 (IA 50). The EIM list represents firms with unique strategies, under-represented impact themes or diversity in leadership in view of the full IA 50 application pool.

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About TBD Foods / Sullivan Scrap Kitchen

TBD Foods is Denver’s Premier Personal Chef and Catering Business. With a focus on local meats, produce and sustainably caught seafood. The Chef’s at TBD Foods are able to find the best ingredients to create an elegant and personalized meal for your next event.

Sullivan Scrap Kitchen is a casual eatery with a focus on reducing food waste. Our mission is to utilize and promote sustainability in food practices, community partnerships, and employees. We collaborate with community resources to decrease food waste and increase our communities’ access to sustainable and savory nose-to-tail and root-to-tip cuisine.

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