Meg Masten

Meg brings a diverse background to the CoPeace leadership team, centered around serving people, solving problems, managing multi-disciplinary teams, and "gluing" all the pieces together. Meg has been with CoPeace from Day One, helping chief executive officer Craig Jonas, successfully launch CoPeace. She was the point person in helping CoPeace achieve Certified B Corp. and Public Benefit Corporation (PBC) status.

What’s your ikigai?  “To leave the world in better shape than when I entered it, in whatever way I can.”

Prior to CoPeace, Meg served in a variety of leadership roles in the sports and healthcare industries. During this time, she became an expert on equity, socioeconomic factors, costs, and public policy within the public healthcare system. She also founded Daisy Power, LLC, which provided workshops for moms and their young daughters, promoting self-esteem and positive body image, in addition to nutrition and fitness education. As a volunteer, she spends a lot of her time informing, engaging and organizing the community on public education issues. Meg completed her undergraduate studies at Marquette University. She currently lives in Colorado with her husband and golden retriever and is the proud mother of two.

What are you happiest doing when not working?  "Anything outdoors in the beautiful Colorado mountains!"

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