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CoPeace Announces Addition of AST to Portfolio of Companies

AST Complements Company’s First Holding, Harlem-Based Uncharted Power

DENVER – CoPeace (Companies of Peace) – an innovative impact holding company, announced its second addition to the CoPeace finance portfolio in Advanced Sustainable Technologies (AST) – a waste management company specializing in processing hazardous waste using plasma gasification.

CoPeace has established a capital investment in AST for the construction and operation of an AST plasma gasification facility in Israel.

“AST presents a great opportunity to expand our portfolio into the cleantech industry in a way that is very complementary to our first holding, Uncharted Power,” said Craig Jonas, CoPeace CEO and founder.

AST is a cleantech company specializing in plasma gasification to process hazardous waste and generate electricity. The Israeli plant will be utilized by government and private entities to process hazardous waste in a sustainable way.

“We have been evaluating AST for several months,” Jonas said. “We’re excited about its potential to remove hazardous waste from the environment, while creating electricity for use in the region. One of the most exciting things about this plant is that the recipe can be repeated in the U.S. and globally. There is a clear need to deal with our waste in better ways.”

“This venture presents an incredible opportunity to tackle uncharted niches in the Israeli waste management industry,” AST CEO Dan Levin said. “We are offering treatment to hazardous waste which has been accumulating for decades in chemical plants without any treatment, or otherwise sent abroad to be treated in more advanced European countries.”

AST is developing a new generation of waste management facilities which are environmentally-friendly, safe, and financially-viable. Utilizing proven plasma technology, AST designs, builds and operates turnkey plasma waste management facilities for corporate clients and governments.

“With our advanced solutions we can prevent hazardous waste from being sent outside of Israel,” Levin said, “and give the industry a viable solution to treat its waste at a reasonable cost with an eco-friendly process.”

CoPeace announced its first portfolio holding in May, an investment in Harlem-based energy and data startup – Uncharted Power.

CoPeace is an innovative impact holding company, driving mission-grounded change through its growing portfolio of complementary subsidiaries, while providing a more democratized, inclusive investment opportunity. CoPeace is structured as a public benefit corporation and received pending B Corp status.

CoPeace has raised capital from its private network of investors and plans to launch a direct public offering under Regulation A later this year, providing an investment opportunity to the general public.

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