Ryhaan Williams

Ryhaan Williams | Advisory Council

Ryhaan Williams

Ryhaan Williams

Ryhaan is currently the Senior Vice President of Sales & Systems at ES Broadcast, delivering broadcast equipment and systems integration throughout the North American market. She brings over 25 years’ experience in the broadcast and production industries to the CoPeace advisory council, including work with major U.S. television networks, studios, sports entities, venues, and OB providers.


Combining an in-depth understanding of the industry and a proven track record, Ryhaan brings a formidable technical knowledge and experience with the latest, innovative broadcast technology. She also brings experience in international business communications, organizing system integrations between American, Canadian, and UK-based clients.


Sarah Johnston | Advisory Council

Sarah Johnston

Sarah graduated from Carleton College with a degree in Political Science and worked for a Japanese American joint venture company in the automotive industry and in Japan as a community liaison in prefectural government before committing to living in Kentucky with her husband.


She is the co-owner of Ellis Walker Gallery, an art gallery that focuses on building relationships between artists with ties to south central Kentucky and Western Kentucky University, as well as providing more opportunities for engagement and dialogue between students, artists, and the community at large.

Sarah currently works as an End of Life Doula in South Central Kentucky and the Nashville area—helping clients navigate the end stages of life, creating partnerships with hospitals and hospice agencies to address non medical aspects of palliative care, and leading community discussions around designing a more peaceful end of life journey. Sarah is passionate about building more inclusive communities on all levels.

Graeme Sharpe, J.D.

Graeme Sharpe, J.D. | Advisory Council

Graeme Sharpe, J.D.

Graeme Sharpe, J.D.

An employment lawyer for 20 years, Graeme began his career with the prestigious law firm, Orrick, Herrington and Sutcliffe. He then embarked upon an employment law practice, which was the first of its kind in the state of California. Graeme conducted his own jury trials before moving in-house with the firm. He is currently an employment lawyer and head of Employee Relations at Hyundai Capital where he oversees all investigations, complaints, discipline and terminations.

Betsy Poell | Advisory Council

Betsy Poell

A Colorado native, Betsy graduated from University of Notre Dame with a degree in management and a minor in theology. She was a transfer agent at Oppenheimer Funds before moving to the Derivatives and Senior Bank Loan settlement desk and acquired by Brown Brothers Harriman. Betsy currently spends time with her little boys, runs the Pottle Family Foundation, and works with a small family investment company.

Robert Aliota | Advisory Council

Robert Aliota

After a successful career in corporate sales and management roles, Robert started his engineered parts business in his garage at the age of 29. Twenty-two years later, having developed business in 48 states and five countries around the globe, he sold the business to a $4 billion world-class manufacturing company with locations in 50 countries. Robert has been featured in Business Week SmallBiz Magazine and BUSINESSdigest for his partnership approach to business and creating strategic alliance.

Robert is committed to supporting a business model built on trust, ethics, integrity, and the development of people. Robert is a graduate of North Carolina State University and has done extensive post-graduate studies related to value creation in the marketplace. In addition, he has completed Gallup University’s Strengths-Based Training, which focuses on leveraging your natural strengths in business and life. Robert has a passion for helping small businesses grow and understands, first-hand, the challenges, risks and rewards associated with small business ownership.

Edmund Pendleton | Advisory Council

Edmund Pendleton

As founder and co-founder of numerous business ventures, primarily in high-tech markets, Edmund currently serves as a board member for both Alumni Fidelity and Affinity Lab. In addition, he is a member of the investment advisory board for the GAP Technology Fund.


Edmund is also an adjunct professor of innovation and entrepreneurship at Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business. As director of MTech VentureAccelerator at the University of Maryland, he helps develop companies founded by students, staff, and faculty through rigorous customer development and business model validation.

Meryl Selig | Advisory Council

Meryl Selig

Prior to moving to Woodside, California sixteen years ago, Meryl enjoyed an international and Chicago-based career in advertising and marketing communications. Since arriving here, she has redirected her energies towards voluntary service in our community; most significantly at the Palo Alto VA Hospice (since 2006) and in guest services at the Stanford Cancer Center (since 2008). Meryl also serves on the Cancer Council, the development board for the Stanford Cancer Institute; the Patient Family Advisory Council at Stanford Cancer Center, focusing on improving patient experience during and after treatment.


Meryl has led home-build teams to Vietnam for Habitat for Humanity (Greater San Francisco) and supports LifeMoves (local shelter network); Planned Parenthood Mar Monte and other community welfare organizations. This fall, she is beginning studies with Columbia University’s Master of Science in Bioethics.


Meryl earned her bachelor’s and master’s degrees at the University of Pennsylvania, as well as a master’s in International Management at the Thunderbird School in Arizona. She has always been interested in people, how they organize communities, communicate, and what they value.


Meryl and Rob Selig are active philanthropists, with ongoing commitments at Colorado College, Stanford University, and numerous non-profits dedicated to reducing inequities in health care, education, housing and personal well-being. Life here is full of gifts and opportunities. My goal is to help others partake of this abundance.