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An impact investing alternative as a modernized holding company

Nov. 29, 2018

DENVER – Impact investment is a booming segment of the finance industry, as investors address the importance of longer horizons and acknowledge the responsibility the business community has to a global society. Companies of Peace, or CoPeace, support a responsible free market in a way that makes the world a more inclusive and peaceful place for future generations.

As the impact market grows and matures, new models are being pursued that provide evolving and organizing principles. CoPeace utilizes a modernized holding company structure for growing businesses that demonstrate measurable impact. CoPeace serves a network of investors who are socially, environmentally, and politically conscious. Consequently, CoPeace helps to direct these investments into companies that practice corporate responsibility and impact the world in a positive manner.

CoPeace is a public benefit corporation that provides sophisticated financial capabilities, management, along with an umbrella-marketing approach for impact businesses much like a modern Berkshire Hathaway. In addition, attracting impact synergy between responsible companies that share common resources is one of the model’s more powerful advantage.  

The company is seeking investments in solid, single-type businesses with 20% internal rates of return instead of risking bets on the next unicorn investment. As Dr. Stephanie Gripne has often been quoted as saying, “Zebras fix what unicorns break.”

As a holding company, CoPeace has the ability to represent multiple companies working together as an investment strategy; growing those companies through cohesive marketing and fiscal expertise, thereby facilitating a positive return with true impact.

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