Founded in 2011 and headquartered in New York, Uncharted is an award-winning, MWBE-certified company focused on accelerating the equitable development of smart, sustainable infrastructure worldwide.

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What investment did CoPeace make in Uncharted?

CoPeace committed to a minority investment in the company in March 2019.

What does Uncharted do?

At Uncharted, they are building the operating system for last mile infrastructure. Uncharted is a Platform as a Service (PaaS) company that helps cities and developers reduce the cost and complexity of deploying and managing last mile infrastructure.

What is Uncharted's mission?

To accelerate the equitable development of smart, sustainable infrastructure worldwide.

Additionally, Uncharted believes that authentically empowering and collaborating with a community is the first step to building a smart, sustainable, and equitable city.

How are our funds making an impact?

As investors and as partners of the impact-driven company, CoPeace has provided both capital and consulting for Uncharted’s leadership team. Harvard-educated, CEO powerhouse Jessica O. Matthews (who was named one of Fortune’s Most Promising Women Entrepreneurs) explains the positive impact of partnering with CoPeace:

“It is an honor to have CoPeace as a part of the Uncharted community. The CoPeace team members have provided guidance that has been invaluable to our growth. Knowing how deeply their values in solving environmental and social issues align with ours makes working with them all the more powerful.”

The team at CoPeace continues to support Uncharted as consultants, guides, and leaders committed to furthering their mission: Universal access to clean, resilient, and affordable power.