CoPeace Marketing PBLLC (CoMa) provides marketing services to for-profit companies demonstrating positive social or environmental impact.

Advantages of CoMa

Enhanced branding

Team approach provides burstable bandwidth & maximizes return

Impact-focused marketing approach

Work with a mission-aligned company

Services Offered

CoMa offers a wide range of services that can be combined to meet any organization’s needs. From specific projects to large-scale campaigns or rebranding efforts, CoMa can provide the necessary tools and expertise to meet your team’s goals.

Design, implement, and manage social media marketing campaigns
Brand development, positioning, and design
Graphic design, video production, animation, website design
Stakeholder messaging & internal communications
Creating & refining pitch materials
Thought leadership & newsletter production
Lead generation & sales funnel creation
Public & media relations, and more…


“The CoPeace team members have provided guidance that has been invaluable to our growth” - Jessica O. Matthews, CEO, Uncharted
“CoMa provided much-needed graphic design support for several months while we were looking for an in-house graphic designer. Their talented team provided responsive, flexible support that allowed us to keep up with the workload during our critical holiday season without pushing our remaining in-house team to burnout. They are very easy to work with and eager to help!” - Charles Stanley, Director of Marketing, Furniture

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Competitive rates available for customized solutions on a project, retainer, or hourly basis.

Our Team

CoPeace Marketing offers a dedicated team with decades of experience across a variety of marketing and communications industries.

Our team will meet your marketing needs!