Babi Lemos

Babi has recently joined CoPeace as a project manager, bringing some fresh ideas from a broad intercultural background. Babi's energy and enthusiasm have been welcomed by our team members and clients as she becomes a more integral part of our team.As a part of CoPeace's ecosystem, Babi's language skills and interdisciplinary background will be used to support our growing community of investors, clients, team members, and collaborators.

What’s your ikigai? "The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing. - Socrates"

Originally from Brazil, Babi has begun her professional life as early as 10-years-old in the world of performance arts where she was introduced to her biggest passion and drive: cultural expressions and intercultural fusion. With a natural liberal arts spirit, Babi has academically and professionally pursued her interests in a diverse portfolio of fields and industries from Informational Technology in the United States, to Indigenous empowerment in Latin America and Oceania, Biomass-fuel production in Ethiopia, amongst other meaningful experiences. Babi is a Carleton College alumna in Political Science and International Relations with a double minor in Environmental Studies and Cross-Cultural studies, and is currently pursuing her MBA on Sustainability and Environmental Compliance.

On Sunday mornings you can find me …  "Fostering new pets, finding new brunch spots, watching horror movies, and biking to a beach (if I am back in Brasil)."