Ken Reed, Ed.D.

Ken Reed serves as a senior strategic communications advisor for CoPeace. With extensive experience in communications, marketing, public policy, strategic planning, and education, he provides communications strategy, research, analysis and writing assistance to CoPeace. Ken has been instrumental in developing key educational materials for CoPeace, including an informational backgrounder on impact investing and an investor e-booklet. He has produced numerous op-eds, blogs, press releases, along with copy for various communications purposes.

What’s your ikigai?  "To positively impact the lives of people by contributing to the marketplace of ideas on ways to make the world safer, healthier and more just."

For over three decades, Ken has provided communications services to companies and nonprofits in a variety of fields, including energy, education, sports and financial services. He is also a long-time freelance writer, columnist and author. For a good part of his career, Ken has also served as an adjunct professor at several universities, teaching a variety of marketing, communications, management and sports studies courses. Ken completed his doctorate degree in education/sport administration at the University of Northern Colorado. He also holds a master’s degree in management from Colorado State University. As an undergraduate student at the University of Denver, Ken lettered in baseball and basketball while completing studies in marketing and finance. He resides with his wife, Sandy, in Denver, Colo.

What are you happiest doing when not working?  "Playing sports (often with family members or friends), watching sports, reading about sports, and writing about sports. (Could be a common theme here.)"

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