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CoPeace PBC Launches as New Impact Investing Alternative

Aug. 19, 2018

DENVER, CO – As a modern holding venture for profitable companies doing measured good works, CoPeace was recently launched by founder and CEO, Dr. Craig Jonas. CoPeace, short for Companies of Peace, serves a private network of investors who are socially, environmentally, and politically conscious, while directing their money to sustainable companies that practice corporate responsibility and impact the world in a positive manner. Investors will no longer have to worry about the possibility of their money being used by shady shell-corporations, invested in fossil fuels, unsustainable practices, or political super-PACs.

Often referred to as “impact investment,” this modern approach has proved extremely valuable to millennials, women, and disadvantaged populations. CoPeace provides an umbrella for profitable impact businesses, much like a modern Berkshire Hathaway maximizing shareholder value through democratizing investments with the added incentive of social responsibility. CoPeace targets growing, successful companies that support our interdependent future through sustainable and socially responsible practices. and socially responsible practices.

CoPeace is an established Public Benefit Corporation (PBC), and is a pending certified B-Corporation. In a short period of time, CoPeace has built an exceptionally strong team of professionals and continues to grow and gain attention.

“With the current political and social climate, we really felt there was a market for individuals who want to impact the world in a positive way, while being rewarded for it. CoPeace is something that I’ve contemplated starting for several years. I’ve worked as an entrepreneur for the majority of my life and view CoPeace as a meaningful opportunity to leave a lasting, positive impact on our society.” stated Dr. Jonas.

Utilizing the HEAD + HEART + MATH approach, CoPeace invests in profitable companies that do measured positive impact. The model combines a comprehensive, modern financial analysis with quantifiable sustainability and social efforts to determine investment strategies for stakeholders.

“Our goal is to simultaneously encourage and reward companies that demonstrate a concern for social issues, while seeking to provide a profitable, successful investment for our clients. We strive to live our slogan and help people ‘Grow Your Money For Good.’” said Meg Masten, Chief Relationship Officer.

Socially responsible investment is a growing segment of the finance industry as investors address the importance of longer horizons and acknowledge the responsibility the business community has to a global society. Through financial backing, CoPeace supports a responsible free market in a way that makes the world a more inclusive, peaceful place for future generations. “It’s important to have that peace of mind knowing CoPeace is growing your money for good,” added Dr. Jonas.