Craig Jonas CoPeace

Craig Jonas, Ph.D.

Founder & CEO

Craig has a unique blend of business, entrepreneurial, academic and coaching success. For the past 24 years, he served as the COO and minority owner of Basketball Travelers and BTI Events, elite sports event management and media companies.

He has been the Head or Deputy Head of the USA Delegation for the Summer and Winter World University Games since 2007. Previously, Craig served as Vice President for Business Development for the broadcast media technology firm, Sportvision, best known for inventing the virtual yellow line in NFL broadcasts. Prior to Sportvision, Craig served as Executive Vice President of Coach’s Edge and helped initiate the $100M+ merger with Sportvision.  He has coached sport (basketball, golf, and volleyball) at both the collegiate and high school levels. He has traveled extensively, doing business in over 40 countries. His Ph.D. is in Conflict Management and he has taught undergraduate and MBA level leadership, marketing and management courses. He is married with two sons and currently lives in Colorado.

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Meg Masten CoPeace

Meg Masten

Chief Relationship Officer

Meg joined Companies of Peace in January of 2018, developing the role of Chief Relationship Officer as the company takes shape. Meg brings a diverse background to the CoPeace™ leadership team, centered around serving people, solving problems, and achieving goals. For the past five years, Meg has worked with Basketball Travelers, Inc., directly overseeing international events and successful grant applications. 

Previously, Meg practiced physical therapy for over 20 years, specializing in spinal cord injury and geriatric care. She also founded Daisy Power, LLC, which provided workshops for moms and their young daughters, promoting self-esteem and positive body image. Meg has an accomplished record in the several school board elections as a strong advocate of students. Meg currently lives in Colorado with her husband, their two teenagers, and two golden retrievers.

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Hanan Levin CoPeace

Hanan Levin, MBA

Chief Financial Officer

Hanan is an experienced finance professional equipped with in‐depth knowledge of the global capital markets. Proactive, innovative and competitive, consistently initiating new ideas, improvements and original thought. 

Hanan is Co-Founder and CFO of Advanced Sustainability Technologies (A.S.T.), a new generation waste management facility that is environmentally friendly, safe and financially viable. He also works as Director of Capital Markets for Bank of the West. Hanan received his Bachelor’s of Economics from Yale University and his MBA from the University of North Carolina. Hanan was on the Israeli National Swimming Team as well as the Yale University Varsity Swimming Team. 

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Lilly Chen CoPeace

Lilly Chen

Financial Analyst

Lilly is currently a third year student at the London School of Economics studying Economics. She believes in building altruistic capital– good people build good businesses. Her academic interests include behavioral economics, machine learning, and design thinking. In her free time, she enjoys playing video games, boxing, and eating way too much sushi. She has a laptop named Hank and a cat named Leo.

Jake Miller CoPeace

Jake Miller

Financial Analyst

Jacob is a rising senior at Colorado College hailing from the small town of Mount Orab, Ohio. He majors in Mathematical Economics with aspirations to pursue a Ph.D. in Economics post-graduation. His major research interests lie at the intersection of economics, public health, and computer science. A former member of the men’s basketball team, Jacob currently serves as President of his college’s Student Alumni Association.

He works in the school’s Quantitative Reasoning Center as a peer tutor and assists professors in the Department of Economics and Business as a learning assistant.  In his notably little free time, he enjoys baking, playing guitar, and reading.

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Jeff Jonas CoPeace

Jeff Jonas, Ph.D.

Board of Directors

Jeff is an eight-time Emmy award winner and an influential leader in the sports media industry for the past 25 years. Currently, the managing director of global business development for Intel Sports. In his position, he has led partnerships with the NBA, the NFL, the PGA Tour, MLB, Turner Sports, and more.

Nicole Motter CoPeace

Nicole Motter

Board of Directors

Nicole is one of the country’s leading experts on program-related investments and innovative finance for foundations. She has additional expertise in helping social enterprises structure capital raises through direct public offerings. A lifelong change maker, Nicole spent nearly a decade working directly with underserved youth and communities before going to law school to pursue social impact on a larger scale. 

It was there she was formally introduced to the field of social enterprise, and  started to hone in on non tax-exempt frameworks and strategies. She has since cultivated a career that combines her wide-range knowledge and expertise in ground level program development and implementation, which includes research, education, corporate, and impact investing law. She has worked for youth development nonprofits, international human rights organizations, and traditional and non-traditional law firms alike. Currently, Nicole is an attorney and consultant at Cutting Edge Capital and Social Innovation Strategies. She’s also a Spin cycle instructor and hobbyist photographer.

Brad Tompkins CoPeace

Brad Tompkins

Board of Directors

Brad is the CFO for a Boulder-based company called, Furniture For Life. He is also an entrepreneur with a demonstrated history of working in distribution, manufacturing, and technology. In addition to being a business owner, Brad is a managing partner with small enterprise and board of directors experience. Brad has strong business development skills including accounting, analytics, systems development, customer service, strategic planning, and finance.

Delise OMeally CoPeace

Delise O'Meally, M.B.A., J.D.

Advisory Council

As an executive director of the Institute for Sport and Social Justice Delise is responsible for strategic planning, leadership, operational planning, and manages all activities of NCAS. NCAS programs address issues of diversity and inclusion, gender violence, critical decision-making skills for student-athletes, and leadership styles for coaches and administrators. Delise is also the executive director and secretary general for the United States International University Sport Federation.

Edmund Pendleton CoPeace

Edmund Pendleton

Advisory Council

As founder and co-founder of numerous business ventures, primarily in high-tech markets, Edmund currently serves as a board member for both Alumni Fidelity and Affinity Lab. In addition, he is a member of the investment advisory board for the GAP Technology Fund.

Edmund is also an adjunct professor of innovation and entrepreneurship at Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business. As director of MTech VentureAccelerator at the University of Maryland, he helps develop companies founded by students, staff, and faculty through rigorous customer development and business model validation.

Betsy Poell

Betsy Poell

Advisory Council

A Colorado native, Betsy graduated from University of Notre Dame with a degree in management and a minor in theology. She was a transfer agent at Oppenheimer Funds before moving to the Derivatives and Senior Bank Loan settlement desk and acquired by Brown Brothers Harriman. Betsy currently spends time with her little boys, runs the Pottle Family Foundation, and works with a small family investment company.

Brian Ratzliff CoPeace

Brian Ratzliff

Advisory Council

Brian is president of Global University Sports Properties, an emerging multi-platform sport media and event marketing company. His company focuses on the globalization of college and amateur athletics to promote collegiate and soon-to-be professional athletes.

Formerly, Brian was the co-founder and president of WhatCounts and currently acts as director of the WhatCounts Board of Directors.

Graeme Sharpe CoPeace

Graeme Sharpe

Advisory Council

An employment lawyer for 20 years, Graeme began his career with the prestigious law firm, Orrick, Herrington and Sutcliffe. He then embarked upon an employment law practice, which was the first of its kind in the state of California. Graeme conducted his own jury trials before moving in-house with the firm. He is currently an employment lawyer and head of Employee Relations at Hyundai Capital where he oversees all investigations, complaints, discipline and terminations.

Komathi Stem CoPeace

Komathi Stem

Advisory Council

Komathi is an entrepreneurial systems thinker focused on sparking an ecosystem change that accelerates research through greater collaboration across the healthcare ecosystem. She is currently the founder and CEO of monARC Bionetworks, a healthcare data collection and analytics company.

Mark Rieder CoPeace

Mark Rieder, Ph.D.

Advisory Council

Mark is vice president of Laboratory Operations at Adaptive Biotechnologies and is a consultant at Riedland BioConsulting.

As a former professor at University of Washington for 12 years Mark managed scientific staff of more than 40 individuals across laboratory operations, which included bioinformatic, data analysis, and grant funding for the Nickerson Laboratory and Northwest Genomics Center.

Letitia Black CoPeace

Letitia Black

Advisory Council

Letitia  is owner of the Evening Star Designs from the Northern Arapaho Tribe of the Wind River Indian Reservation. She is a creator of contemporary and traditional native jewelry and dance outfits using geometric designs. Letitia is also a realty specialist at the Bureau of Indian Affairs.

Leigh Klein CoPeace

Leigh Klein

Advisory Council

Leigh is the executive producer and host of That Bracket Show through SBNation. He is also principal of Klein Sports and Education Consulting, working with leaders in sports tech and sports marketing. In addition, Leigh is an adjunct professor of financial and economic analysis of sport at Mount Saint Mary College.

He is the former CEO of Five-Star Basketball, the premier basketball camp for young athletes that notably produced more Division-I and NBA players than any camp in history.

Amy Graziano CoPeace

Amy Graziano

Advisory Council

Amy is the stewardship and outreach coordinator for the Douglas Land Conservancy. her organization protects open space in Douglas, Elbert, and Jefferson counties in perpetuity for critical wildlife habitats, scenic viewscapes, recreational opportunities, and agricultural operations. She is also a board member for the Utilities Commission, Town of Castle Rock.

Kelli Hayes CoPeace

Kelli Hayes

Advisory Council

As a recent UCLA graduate, Kelli is the founder and CEO of TogetherWeLink. Following an “Uplift, Unite, Understand” approach, TogetherWeLink hosts workshops to develop a platform of respect for individuals and build dialogue to create awareness. Kelli’s organization is also dedicated to fostering an environment that enables equity, inclusion, and coexistence.

Aditi Aryal CoPeace

Aditi Aryal


Aditi is a rising senior at Smith College, majoring in economics. She spent the past year studying abroad at the London School of Economics. Born and raised in Nepal, she moved to the US a few years ago. She believes that traveling and meeting new people from different walks of life are great ways to grow and expand one’s perspective in life. Aditi’s academic interests include economics, mathematics, and anthropology. She also enjoys listening to music, reading and traveling to different parts of the world.